Here are some of my more recent essays. Please feel free to email me for a PDF of the complete piece.

* Spirit Animal, Orion Magazine, Volume 36/Winter 2017, a meditation on grandmothers, loyalty, and owls

* The Disciplined Utopia, The Believer, August/September 2017, a month with the renown classical Indian dance troupe Nrityagram, at their village near Bangalore, India 

* Chiefing in Cherokee: Commodifying a Culture to Save It, Virginia Quarterly Review, Fall 2016, a glimpse into the century-old tradition of “chiefing,” or busking, in Cherokee, North Carolina. Includes photography by Stacy Kranitz.


* Art Against The Wall, Oxford American, Spring 2015: a meditation about artists’ response to the U.S./Mexico border wall. Includes artwork by Susan Harbage Page, Stefan Falke, Mark Clark, and Rigoberto A. Gonzalez, among others


* Three Nations Crossing, Witness, Winter 2014: a dispatch about the border situation at the Mohawk Nation of Akwesasne, which straddles the U.S./Canada borderline as well as the Ontario/Quebec borderline


* Code 500, Oxford American, Fall 2013: a journey into the South Texas desert to recover the remains of a three-day gone border-crosser


* Life on Refinery Row, Earth Island Journal, Summer 2012: an investigative report on three families who live along Refinery Row, a 15-mile stretch of petrochemical refineries in Corpus Christi, Texas

* The Torture of Solitary Confinement, The Wilson Quarterly, Spring 2012: an investigative look at solitary confinement, including the 40-year anniversary of the imprisonment of the Angola 3, two elderly Black Panthers doing far too much time in Louisiana

* A Sort of Homecoming, The Florida Review, Winter 2011: a creative essay about coming to terms with the meaning of home, during a silent retreat on a ranch in deep South Texas

* The Michelangelo of New Mexico, The Believer, November/December 2011: a celebration of Frederico Vigil, a master frescoist who recently completed his life’s work: a 4,000 square foot fresco detailing 3,000 years of Latino history


Other Works

Writing On the Edge, โ€œTeaching Under Threat,โ€ Spring 2012

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Bitch Magazine, “Lessons From The Bloc,” Winter 2005

The Odyssey: US Trek, Stephanie’s Archive

Latina Magazine

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The Washington Post

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