Best Women’s Travel Writing

Travelers’ Tales

February 2010

Travelers’ Tales award-winning series, Best Women’s Travel Writing, has been showcasing the world’s finest female travel narratives every year since 2004. In the 2010 volume, editor Stephanie Elizondo Griest spotlights 27 stories set in the most far-flung of places, from an icy Ecuadoran volcano-top to a cozy Persian kitchen. Join our intrepid writers for such adventures as:

  • Witnessing a theatrical act of rebellion in Burma with Shauna Sweeney
  • Drinking tea with a former Mujahideen in Kabul with Diane LeBow
  • Learning the proper etiquette of a Chinese Communist Party banquet with Kellen Zale
  • Searching for ancestral roots in Pakistan with Maliha Masood
  • Nurturing the street dogs of Rajasthan with Erika Connor
  • Romping through the Wadi Rum with Diane Caldwell (and her Bedouin lover)

Readers will be inspired to either book their first trip–or continue exploring the globe with wit, soul, and verve.

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