Interview with Colette O’Connor

Having lived in such glam locales as Paris, St. Moritz, New York, and Los Angeles, this week’s Best Women’s Travel Writing 2010 contributor has crafted a living writing about food, wine, art, fashion, home design, and, of course, travel: Colette O’Connor. Her current gig entails editing a lifestyle magazine for owners of private aircraft: Flying Adventures.

What advice can you offer women with itchy feet?

Pack nothing. Or next to. My best trip ever was the 10 days I spent in Paris after Delta sent my luggage via the Bermuda Triangle. A tiny tube of carry-on toothpaste and a mini jar of face cream that Homeland Security cleared saw me through – beautifully. And wearing the same thing every day – doing washables each night in the sink – taught me the truth about travel: most everything you think you need you don’t. And being stripped of all that stuff you can’t live without is wildly thrilling. I am free! you feel. And, really, we end up wearing the same thing every day anyway, …

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