Stephanie Elizondo Griest offers the following services:

— Phone consultations on all aspects of the publishing business, from query letters to book proposals, agents, marketing, and promotion

— Copy editing, line editing, and conceptual editing of manuscripts, proposals, and query letters

— Private, 8-week, online memoir writing classes. Here is the format:


Each week, Stephanie will email you a PDF of a lecture on one of the following topics:

— Mining your memories 
– Ethics in Memoir 
– Plot & Theme 
– Character 
– Description 
– Dialogue 
– Point of View/Voice 
– Setting/Pacing 
– Revision 
– The Publishing Business (Agents, Book Proposals, Query Letters, etc)

Stephanie will read and critique up to 6 pages of your work each week, for a total of 50 pages by the end of the course. These pages can either be from a memoir that you are working on, and/or the optional writing exercises she will include with each lecture. Should any questions arise about the lecture, you may email them to Stephanie, and she will address them in the next week’s lecture. She will also be available for one 60-minute phone consultation whenever you’d like, to discuss your work.