Passports with Purpose

Now hear this: The beautiful people at Passports with Purpose have recently launched their 2010 fundraising campaign, and it’s amazing. After raising nearly $30,000 last year and building a school in rural Cambodia (which opened this October), they are currently attempting to build an entire village for some Dalit (the so-called “untouchable” people) in Tamil Nadu in southern India, via an organization called Lafti. Watch this video for details:


In just two weeks, Passports with Purpose has already raised $41,000, or 82 percent of their goal of $50,000. And it gets even better: You can help the cause by placing $10 bids on a host of awesome prizes, including airline tickets, iPads, hotel and resort packages, travel gear, y mas. I myself just bid on two boutique hotel packages to New Orleans and San Antonio, plus a roundtrip ticket on Continental Airlines to take me there.

Intrigued? I know that times are tight, but it’s not every day you can simultaneously build a village and (attempt to) score such terrific booty. The final day to place bids is December 13, and winners will be notified on the 17th, just before the holidays. Click here, and happy shopping!