Summer Workshop: Writing The Body

Join me this summer for a weeklong Creative Nonfiction workshop called WRITING THE BODY, in which we will narrate the wide range of experiences a body can undergo in a lifetime. We will start with an exploration of notions of pleasure derived from food, nature, sexuality, and other earthly substances and manifestations. From there, we’ll investigate notions of pain by dipping into body dysmorphia, critical illness, cancer, and other aches. Our class will conclude with writerly ways of transcending the physical realm, such as meditation, prayer, and the arts, as well as with an examination of the life cycles of birth and death. Along the way, we will incorporate interviewing techniques, archival research, ekphrasis, and other ways of bearing witness into our own writing practice. Together as a community, we will write as both an act of empathy for all bodies and as a personal pledge of wellness.

This workshop will be held at Maine Media in Rockport, Maine, and you can register here. Please email me with any questions.

Many thanks and best wishes,
Stephanie Elizondo Griest