Beautiful people! I am relieved to share that 2017 concluded with the sweetest acronym I know: NED, or No Evidence of Disease. The CT-Oracle revealed that surgery + three cycles of chemo have wiped my abdominal cavity clean. This rollercoaster ride has ended and I have pulled back into the station, bald but jubilant. Rejoice!

Sincere apologies for not responding sooner to your outpouring of support, but please know that I felt each letter keenly. I am especially indebted to all the cancer survivors out there, for extending their brutally earned wisdom. Together, you helped transform the scariest stretch of my life into the ultimate heart-opening exercise. I am a well of gratitude. Thank you, thank you.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be working to resurrect the tour for All the Agents and Saints. Do stay tuned for details: North Carolina, Washington DC, New York, Texas, California, Illinois, and Florida are all in the mix for 2018.

Until our paths cross again, I wish you a powerful new year. May you find the strength to endure its challenges, the levity to celebrate its joys, and the mind-presence to recognize its graces.


  1. Welcome back, now get back to work!

  2. Lynne

    I was thinking about you, and this, this very morning….That you will be getting back in the saddle to ride across the land with your book/ baby again soon! This news is one of the greatest blessings here as we are entering 2018! Sooo happy for you! And for us! I know that something extraordinary will be coming into be born again in the clear clean space of you! Love seeing the word “Jubilant!” The hair will come back more glorious than ever!

  3. John Sauls

    So happy for you and all the people that love you. You’re the best!

  4. Bea Keller

    My heart sings–thank you for telling us! Don’t overdo–take care of yourself.

  5. Dear Stephanie,
    I’am just gives a look to see if l can have news from you. I am so glad to have it.
    I wish you all the best for 2018.
    I hope to see you again happy and joyful and get back to your work, you are so powerful.

  6. Paul Cuadros

    This is wonderful news! I know your mom must be very happy. Say hi to her. Let’s get together sometime soon. I am back on campus and can meet anytime. Take care and all my best and love always!

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