Submissions Call: BWTW 2011

I am pleased to announce that the lovely and talented Lavinia Spalding has just been named editor of Best Women’s Travel Writing 2011. What follows is the official call for submissions. Ladies: send her your work!

Calling All Women Travel Writers!

Is there a story held captive in you that’s begging to be set free? Here’s your chance to liberate it. Send your best true tale of the road to be considered for Travelers’ Tales’ The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2011. We’re looking for the full range of experience: adventurous, mystical, funny, poignant, cuisine-related, cross-cultural, transformational, funny, illuminating, frightening, or grim—as well as solo travel and travel with friends, partners, and families. Stories should reflect that unique alchemy that occurs when you enter unfamiliar territory and begin to see the world differently as a result. Previously published essays are OK, provided you control all rights to the story. Multiple submissions are also OK.

The deadline is September 21st.

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Interview with Diane LeBow

This week’s Best Women’s Travel Writing 2010 contributor has trekked across the Mongolian steppe, dived with Red Sea sharks, and explored Parisian cafes: Diane LeBow. She is president of the Bay Area Travel Writers.

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Solas Awards

Friends, I hate to break it to you, but summer is rapidly vaporizing, all around us. How can we hold on, you ask? By capturing our summer adventures, of course! Travelers’ Tales has just announced its annual travel writing contest known as the Solas Awards. Here is the skinny …

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Alaska Round-Up & Greece

Just returned from a two-week romp around my 48th state: ALASKA. What a glorious place! I saw two humpback whales and an orca breach in the bay, scaled one glacier and heard another “calving” (which sounds like a thunderstorm), watched a mama otter teach her pup how to crack a clam shell, biked along Anchorage’s Coastal Trail, ate a school of salmon and halibut, rode on a dog sled with a future Iditarod champ, and marveled over the scores of bald eagles, moose, seals, puffins, and hares roaming in the wild. Best yet, I did this with mi familia–Mom, Dad, my sister Barbara and her husband Alex, and my niece and nephew–our first family vacation in 20 years. Wow! The impetus for this journey was the Kachemak Bay Writer’s Conference in Homer, which was, hands down, the best writer’s conference I’ve ever attended: stellar staff, a wonderful faculty, a spectacular setting, and great camaraderie. Add it to your list, people!

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Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference

Apologies for the delayed updates as of late: in the past two weeks, I’ve hopped a MegaBus to catch my first roller-derby match in Chicago, IL; hung out with literary heroes at the National Latino Writers Conference in Albuquerque, NM; vacated my Iowa City, IA crashpad; and relocated to Corpus Christi, TX for the summer. Now I’m packing my bags for the Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference in Homer (as in, Alaska), and here is why you should be too …

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